Basavanna navara Vachanagalu

BasavaNNanavara vachana

GYAnada baladinda aGYAnada kEDu, nODayya
jyOtiya baladinda tamantada kEDu, nODayya
satyada baladinda asatyada kEDu, nODayya
paruShada baladinda avalohada kEDu, nODayya
kUDala sangana sharaNara anubhAvadinda
enna bhavada kEDu, nODayya.

By the power of knowledge, is the destruction of ignorance, You see.
By the power of light, is the destruction of darkness, You see.
By the power of truth, is the destruction of falsehood, You see.
By the power of paruSha stone, is the destruction of iron, You see.
By the experience of the refugees of Lord of kUDala sangama,
is the destruction of my birth cycle, You see.

1. There are lots of misdeeds happening in the world,
from petty crimes around the corner to across the world
under various banners. What is the solution for this ?
Should we take a weapon and fight ? How many ill-doers
can the weapon eliminate ? At one point even the clarity
who is miscreant may be lost or there would be new set
of miscreant coming up ! Looks like an endless battle ?!
basavaNNa gives beautiful solution. When the room is
dark, there is no point in fighting with the darkness
with all the vigor. One would only get exhausted. Just
light the lamp. You need not even ask the darkness to
leave ! That is the solution. Sew the good deeds.
Propagate the good knowledge sincerely. The poisonous
seeds may not find enough place to grow ! As there
were not seeds of goodness already in place the poisonous
one grew. As much is the spread of goodness so
much less would be the growth of negatives making the
world around us a better place to live.
2. The experience of the devotees is the prime thing
to thank for our spiritual well being. If the seers of
ancient times kept their knowledge to themselves, where
would all these advancements come from ? The reason
to venerate our great saints – like basavaNNa.
3. paruSha is a stone when touches the iron, the iron
object becomes golden. Used in alchemy.
nIrige naiDile sR^i~NgAra
samuDrake tereye sR^i~NgAra
naarige guNave sR^i~NgAra
gaganake chandrama sR^i~NgAra
namma kUDala sa.ngana sharaNara
nosalige vibhUtiye sR^i~NgAra

For the water (pond) water-lily is the charm;
For the ocean tides are the charm;
For the woman character is the charm;
For the sky moon is the charm;
For foreheads of the refugees (devotees) of the
Lord of kUDala sangama, the holy ash is the charm.

1. Imagine the loss in the beauty of the pond,
if it doesn’t have a flower !
How monotonous and boring would be the
large ocean without the roaring waves !
How would the family be if the lady
who administers it is characterless ?
Compare the resplendent sky with a full moon
with the one without it.
So beautiful is the holy ash for the face of
the devotees. It adds to the shine of the face
and it adds to the shine of the mind.
2. Holy Ash is a symbol very closely
associated as well as important with shivalinga.
While the followers of the vedic rites hail it as
Agneya snAna, the saints of all philosophies of shaivism
wear it in all reverence as the symbol of Lord shiva.
It is not just another mark. It stands for the cleansing
of ourselves in the journey towards the Perfect Being
called shiva. The rituals are said to be giving their
full fruit only when performed wearing Holy Ash.
Naturally it gets the term as used by basavaNNa in
this vachana “vibhUti”- the Exceptional wealth.

3. nosalige – for the forehead.

enna vAma kshEma nimmadayya
enna hAni vR^iddhi nimmadayya
enna mAna apamAnavU nimmadayya
baLLige kAyi dimmitte, kUDala sangama dEvA

(The ownership of) my ill-being and well-being is Yours.
(The ownership of) my decay and growth is Yours.
(The ownership of) my dignity and disrespect is also Yours.
For the creeper is the fruit a load ?
Oh Lord of kUDala sangama

1. When the state is unconditional and complete
surrender to God, what is our ownership.
Whatever it comes – be it good or bad – in the
eyes of the world, everything is owned by God.
What the devotee enjoys is the never decaying
bliss in the relationship with the God
Who cannot grow any further !
2. The saints who have completely offered
themselves to God and remain in that state,
any crime committed against them is that committed
against God. They do not care, but God does for
them. The same way the support offered to them
is an offering to God. This is very explicit in the
guru – jangama bhakti.
3. c.f. “Haven’t You taken my soul, body and all
belongings to be Yours the same day You took
me as Your devotee ? Can there be a hurdle for
me today ?” – thiruvAcakam.


36 thoughts on “Basavanna navara Vachanagalu

  1. Hi Venkat 🙂
    I am looking for Basvanna Vachana lyric – “Maaduve sharanu Maaduve”…Can u pl help me, letting me know where i can get this??

    1. Hi Ranjan,
      are you sure that it starts with “Maaduve sharanu Maaduve”?? I could not find it in the book I have on Basavanna Vachanagalu :(.

    1. You are not kidding right? I have never heard of classes conducted exclusively for Vachanagalu not at least in bangalore, may be you can find one in Bijapur, his birth place.

  2. can u plz send me “ista lingayya ni drushti lingayya, enna karasthalake bandha shreshta lingayya” song if u hav..

  3. Hello Venkat, can u please help me with the lyrics of “geetava ballata”(Basava VachANA)….yhat would be of gr8 help……

    1. ಗೀತವ ಬಲ್ಲಾತ ಜಾಣನಲ್ಲ.
      ಮಾತ ಬಲ್ಲಾತ ಜಾಣನಲ್ಲ.
      ಜಾಣನು ಜಾಣನು, ಆತ ಜಾಣನು;
      ಲಿಂಗವ ನೆರೆ ನಂಬಿದಾತ ಆತ ಜಾಣನು!
      ಜಂಗಮಕ್ಕೆ ಸವೆಸುವಾತ ಆತ ಜಾಣನು!
      ಜವನ ಬಾಯಲು ಬಾಲವ ಕೊಯ್ದು
      ಹೋದಾತ ಆತ ಜಾಣನು
      ನಮ್ಮ ಕೂಡಲಸಂಗನ ಶರಣನು!

  4. Sharanu.im a gowda by birth a recent visit to kudalasangama has drawn me so much towards basavanna’s philosophy is there a.y possibility for me to do linga darane please could you help me MrVenkat

  5. sharanu.nimma kelasa tumba adbutvagide tamege dannyavadagalu. pl visit basavakalyan. koodalsangam.

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